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Speakers 2017

Speakers for this year are shown below with their topic. Please note that the speakers for October and November have swapped dates and the corrected list is shown below.

13 October Dr Phylomena Badsey - British nursing on the Western Front
Dr. Badsey considers the roles of the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service and Voluntary Aid Detachments during World War One.
10 November Michael Stedman - Thiepval 1916
Thiepval was a strategic position where the Front Line crossed the Ancre then turned sharply southwards. Its defences protected the ridge vital for progession of the assault. Mike Stedman considers the extremly varying results of the British units at this vital objective
8 December Mike O'Brien - No neutrals in the trenches - Americans on the Somme 1916
Americans volunteered to fight for the Entente well before their government formally declared war. Mike O'Brien looks at those who fought in the Battle of the Somme.

12th January Dr Simon Peaple. Lessons of the 100 days.  From Amiens to Armistice

After overcoming the March Offensive, the British armies, their colonial and French allies finally embarked on an offensive that would bring an end to the war. Dr.  Peaple considers this period and analyses the successes and setbacks that occurred before the Imperial German Army sent their politicians to sue for peace.  

I have obtained confirmation from a number of other speakers for 2018.

The following is a resumé of their dates and topics. Full details of their talks will be put on the national WFA website and expanded upon here in due course

Feb 9.  Dave Rogers ‘Boffins in World War One’

Mar 9.  Dr Jane Orr ‘The Spanish ‘Flu’.

Apl 13.  Dr Jim Beach ‘The papers of Intelligence Officer Cpl Vince Scühoff’

May 11. Greg Baughen ‘The myth of fighter development in WW1’

Jun 8.  Dr Michael LoCicero ‘A Moonlight massacre, Ypres, December 1917’

Jul 13.  Dr Hodgkinson.  ‘Clearing the dead 1919-1929’

Aug 10. Prof John Derry ‘The German High Seas Fleet. A case of futility’.

Sept 10  Dr Michael Orr  'Hugh Jeudwine and the 55th Division'.

Nov 9  Malcome Sime '66 Division (2nd East Lancs)-Defence in Depth March 1918'

Dec 14 Prof John Bourne- The First 100,000.

On the outbreak of war, Kitchener, the new Minister for war, envisaged a long struggle. With reservations as to the effectiveness of the Territorial Force he set about recruiting the 100,000 men who would form K1. Professor John Bourne reviews the birth of the first volunteer army. 

Terry Jackson, Chairman